Spring Is Coming

Spring Is Coming


Notes from the Mayor

Spring is back and yards are greening up!

I am happy to report that the City of Bogata officially owns the nursing home with a free and clear title.We are getting a bid packet put together and will soon go out for bids to clean up the property.Since asbestos has been found on the property, the TX Dept of Health has granted a wet method of tear down known as NESHAP to remove all debris from the property.The debris will need to be removed under this wet method by NESHAP certified personnel.The debris will be disposed of properly in an approved landfill.TX Dept of Health will also be monitoring the air quality during this cleanup.

The Council and I are pleased that this piece of property will be cleaned up.Thank you to the City Council for working so hard on obtaining this property.It has taken years to get to this point.

I am asking property owners to cleanup around their property and help Bogata look better.With Spring being here, mosquitoes will be coming out and multiplying .Please empty any containers with standing water where mosquito larvae live to help prevent mosquitoes.

The City will be spraying for mosquitoes again this year.Please look for the notice on the webpage, Facebook and newspaper for when sprayings will occur.In addition to spraying the City will be placing briquette larvacide in places where water stands longer than 7 days around the City.

If you have a pool on your pasture, it would help to put small fish in them to aide in controlling the larvae.The City cannot go on private property to control mosquitoes so anything you can do should help in controlling the mosquitoes.

With Spring here snakes will be out, please be aware of them.Keeping grass mowed will help keep snakes away and will also help keep mosquitoes away.

The City gives Red River Valley Egg Farm a BIG THANK YOU for donating the money to dig the City a water well.This project will be starting soon.

As a reminder the City has a website where you can get information on events, agendas, etc.The Website is cityofbogata.com.We will be updating the website weekly.

Upcoming events for April... BOGATAFEST on April 20th.Come out and enjoy a great day of fun.

Elections for Mayor and City Council will be on May 4th at the Community Center from 7am to 7pm.Early Voting will be held at City Hall beginning April 22nd through April 30th.The polls will be open from 8am to 5pm on April 23rd through April 29th.The polls will be open from 7am to 7pm on April 22nd and April 30th.

Those running are:

Mayor, Vincent Lum and Roland Screws;

Place 1:Bill Mellon and Cecil (Tex) Loftin

Place 2:Kim Lindsey

Place 3:Jacob Rose

Place 4:Don Roach

Place 5:Alice Perry

If you observe a water leak, please give City Hall a call at 903-632-5315.

Mayor Vincent Lum

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