Nursing Home Updates

Nursing Home Updates

I am happy to report that the City of Bogata officially owns the nursing home with a free and clear title.We are getting a bid packet put together and will soon go out for bids to clean up the property.Since asbestos has been found on the property, the TX Dept of Health has granted a wet method of tear down known as NESHAP to remove all debris from the property.The debris will need to be removed under this wet method by NESHAP certified personnel.The debris will be disposed of properly in an approved landfill.TX Dept of Health will also be monitoring the air quality during this cleanup.

The Council and I are pleased that this piece of property will be cleaned up.Thank you to the City Council for working so hard on obtaining this property.It has taken years to get to this point.


This parking lot and surrounding areas will be closed beginning JULY 8, 2019 until further notice for demolition of the old nursing home.All vehicles left on this property beginning July 8, 2019 are subject to towing at the owners expense.

If you have any questions regarding the status of your towed vehicle, please contact the City of Bogata Police Department at 903-272-0362.

If you have any questions regarding closures, please contact City Hall at9 03-632-5315.

The City of Bogata would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Steps that will have to be taken to clean up the Nursing Home

1. Develop bid packet ( NESHAP) certified personnel

2. Advertise for bids run in local paper for two weeks

3. Open bid packets at designated place and time

4. Council meeting approve bidder to get contract for demolition and cleanup

5. Contractor responsible for all insurance and permits

6. Contractor get 10 days notification from TX Dept of Health

7. Must have start date and end date

8. When finished with asbestos removal and disposal then city receive certificate of asbestos free

9. Once certified asbestos free then have removal of the concrete

10. Then have lot smoothed where no ponding of water

11. Council will determine what lot is to be used for and procedures to procure business.


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