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Fire Department

The mission of the Bogata Fire Department is to provide the highest possible level of fire protection, medical first response, rescue, and hazard mitigation services to the community. This shall be accomplished with our team of volunteer professionals by providing fire prevention, public education, emergency operations, and planning.


Controlled Burns

If you are going to do a controlled burn of brush or debris, call the fire department dispatch at 903-427-3838, Ext 1, and make them aware of when and where the controlled burn will be done.

History of Our Volunteer Fire Department

City water was brought to Bogata about the year of 1935. The Fire Department was formed in 1936-37. The first fire truck was a 1937 Model International, the envy of all the towns near Bogata. The first chief was Claude Thompson, a fine gentleman who was the city water superintendent. Some of the early volunteers were Coach D. L. Hatcher, Mr. John Speir, Charlie Summers, James and W. H. Montgomery, Richard Dozier, Virgil Wood, Joe Ford, John Van Coats and Coach Gene Garrett. There were many others from time to time, but these were the ones who usually attended the meetings in the early days of the organization.

Warning Siren

Citizens should be aware that there are two separate sirens in Bogata; one is on a time clock that sounds at noon every day regardless of weather and the other is the emergency warning siren.

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